Buying an exercise bike

Exercise is necessary for the development and fitness of your body. What most people fail to understand is that there are no shortcuts when it comes to keeping fit, all it takes to dedication and effort in working out on a regular basis. If you want to maintain your health, then you will have to invest in a way to work out. There are various ways to ensure that; you can sign up for a gym membership, make your mini gym, or get an exercise bike if you are looking for a fun way to keep fit. In this article, we will take a look at buying the best workout bike.

Buying a workout bike

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When it comes to bike exercise, there are two options to choose from, indoor or outdoor. An indoor bike is a stationary bike that you can ride from the inside on your home. This is advantageous in that it is convenient, and has less maintenance. Also, on a rainy day, you can exercise without a hassle. Outdoor bikes, on the other hand, are moreĀ convenient in that you get to ride outside and experience real resistance training. They are more efficient in losing weight. Both bikes are good for health training and can be used conveniently.


When buying an outdoor bike, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the terrain of the place that you live in. A harsh and hilly terrain calls for a mountain bike with fat tires, and a fairly flat terrain with paved of tarmacked roads requires a road bike with thin tires made for speed.

Your weight

Most bikes have a weight limit that you should make sure to check before buying. Depending on the size of the bike, they can only lift a given amount of weight. For instance, a typical mountain bike will be able to carry 100 kilograms. So make sure that you know your weight before you buy the bikes.


A good bike comes with reasonable warranty. They are not cheap, therefore to make sure that you get repairs when necessary, make sure that the major moving parts are covered by the warranty.


Not all bikes are made the same, and to ensure that you get the best experience, go for the one that is easier to maintain. Just make sure that you choose wisely. An easy one to maintain will have less parts and look simpler.

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